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1 - Search and Selection Services

" Right Person for the Right Job "

Search and Selection services are provided especially for top and middle level managerial positions, in line with the needs of businesses " at all levels and in all functions of business "

- Talent Search ,
- Search and Selection Services,
- Project-based mass recruitment projects,
- Temporary Employment Provision,
- Labour Market Research and Talent Pool Projects,
- Headhunting ( the top level and for positions that require specialized knowledge and skills ) ,
- Proactive CV shares,

Selection and Placement Services support;

- Assessment Centre Projects ,
- Corporate HR Communication Strategy Consultancy,
- Career Planning for the future with the aim of preparing Individual Development Plan ,
- Human Resources functions Outsourcing ,
- Outplacement Projects ,
- Coaching and Mentoring Career -oriented ,

2 - Management and Human Resources Consulting

" Organizational Change and Development Projects with targeted measurable success "

- Provide solutions to contemporary Human Resource Management in line with company-specific models,
- Establish flexible project model for needs and market and competitive conditions in accordance with the organizational structure,
- Offer action based, fast, easy and workable solutions,
- Provide measurable improvements in business results,
- "As is projects" ("Current Situation Analysis") ; the change and development needs identification, prioritization and project planning,
- Organizational Development and Restructuring studies,
- Establish Performance Management System,
- Performance Audit; Efficiency and Productivity of the current Performance Management System Audit,
- HR Audit; Effectiveness and Efficiency Audit of HR processes and practices,
- E-valuation; The company set up a special Fee Management System (Job Evaluation and Compensation System installation work.)

3 – Talent Development

"People First"

- Career -Focused Coaching and Mentoring