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Mrs. YARGAN was born in Istanbul. After graduating from the Marketing dept. of Business Administration faculty of Marmara University in 1982, she obtained her master’s degree in “Personnel Management and Industrial Relations”, at the Institute of Social Sciences of Istanbul University and started her Phd. at the same department.

Mrs. YARGAN began working at ITT–Bilka Co., Inc.– The Yellow Pages, a U.S. investment between 1987 and 1992 and was promoted up to management level in a short period of time. She was awarded with “Silver Team Q”, a Quality Award delivered by ITT–World Directories in1990.

Between 1992 and 1995, she established human resources departments at Show TV, Cine 5 and Eksen Technical Infrastructure, maintenance and operation Companies of AKS Yayıncılık A.S., which is one of the leading companies in TV, broadcasting and cable TV sector.

Mrs. YARGAN began working at Turkcell Co.Inc.( joint venture of Telia - Sonera / Sweden) in 1995, which was the first the leading GSM network operator of Turkey, which was incorporated in 1994. She has worked there for 8 years until February 2003 as Deputy General Manager – Business Support, and was responsible for Human Resources, Quality, General Administration, Purchasing, Construction and Real Estate and Contract Legal. She founded the Turkcell Academia, for the purpose of training 3000 employees, and employees of associate companies. Turkcell Academia had the first E- learning platform in Turkey. She was commissioned as Change Leader for the Corporate Change Project of Turkcell in 2002.

In 2003, she decided to continue her professional life as an entrepreneur and founded her own company OPTIMUM Consultancy Services which is acting as Management and Human Resources consultancy.

Mrs. YARGAN is married and member of TESYEV (The Disabled Sports, Support and Education Foundation Turkey), ROTARY Club, PERYON ( Personnel Managers Association Turkey), EWMD ( European Women Management and Development International Network ), PARALIMPIC COMMITTEE of Turkey, YDD - Management Consultants Assosiation of Turkey and Founder Member of TAKIDD (All European Women's Cultural Co-operation and Solidarity Association).